Do you know where you can buy local agricultural products? Do the restaurants or grocery stores that you go to carry them?


The Knoxville-Knox County Food Policy Council, with support from the Tennessee Department of Health and the Knox County Health Department, hosted a series of public meetings to develop recommendations on how we can grow our local food economy. This series of meeting were titled “Farm-to-Fork” and were hosted at Knoxville Sysco. This meeting series brought together local farmers and producers, processors, restaurateurs, industrial food service providers, and others involved in the local food system to identify strengths and gaps in our local food economy.

These meetings resulted in recommendations that will be jointly brought forward along with the recommendations from the “Food Access” meetings to Knoxville City Council and Knox County Commission. The recommendations are currently being refined and will be posted on this website when they are ready for presentation.

The agendas from the Farm-to-Fork meetings are provided below. The recommendations coming out of this process are available at: and will be presented to City Council on Tuesday, September 17th at 7:00pm and to County Commission on Monday, September 23rd at 1:45pm.

Farm to Fork – Initial Meeting – February 6, 2013 – Food Safety for Local Growers

Farm to Fork – Meeting 1 – February 20, 2013

Farm to Fork – Meeting 2 – February 20, 2013

Farm to Fork – Meeting 3 – May 08, 2013