Japanese Delegation of Researchers Visits Knoxville

JapaneseDelegationFPC_August2015_2A delegation of rural sociologists representing various universities and organizations in Japan visited with current and former members of the Knoxville-Knox County Food Policy Council this past Friday, August 28th at CAC. Professors with the University of Kentucky were hosting the researchers and brought them to Knoxville to meet with the nation and world’s first municipal food policy council. The delegates study agriculture, food, and health, and are interested in the Knoxville-Knox County Food Policy Council (FPC).

Founding members of the FPC, Bob Wilson and Dixie Lea Petrey provided an in-depth overview of the research and events that led up to the creation of the council in 1982. Ms. Petrey handed out a copy of an article that she presented at a World Health Organization meeting in the 1980s describing the establishment and work of the Knoxville Food Policy Council. A copy of the article is available here: Creating Health-Promotive Environments: Knoxville Food Policy Council Case Study. Stephanie Welch, former chair of the Food Policy Council, also discussed recent activities and successes of the council and noted the importance that partnerships with government agencies and organizations have played in sustaining the FPC over the years.

Meeting attendees included; Robert Wilson, Dixie Petrey, Fiona McAnally (Knox County Health Department), Judith Pelot (Community Action Committee), Katheryne Nix (Knox County Health Department), Stephanie Welch (Great Schools Partnership), Kristen Faerber, Liz Albertson (MPC), Brian Blackmon (City of Knoxville), Lauren Buckley (City of Knoxville), Dr. Keiko Tanaka (University of Kentucky), Dr. Patrick Mooney (University of Kentucky), Dr. Masashi Tachikawa (Ibaraki University), Dr. Mari Nakamura (Nagoya Bunri University), Dr. Norie Tamura (Research Institute for Natural Capital), Dr. Yoshimitsu Taniguch (Akita Prefectural University), Dr. Motoki Akitsu (Kyoto University), and Midori Hiraga (Kyoto University)