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The Knoxville-Knox County Food Policy Council exists as a forum for representatives of the local food system to gather and address problems found within food production, consumption, processing, distribution, and waste disposal. The primary focus of the Knoxville- Knox County Food Policy Council is on innovative solutions to problems that will promote sustainability, economic development, and social justice within the local food system. This is accomplished through education of government officials about issues of the food system, policy recommendations, policy writing, research, fostering of cooperation among private, pubic, and non-profit interests, and submitting reports to the Knoxville City Council and Knox County Commission. The Food Policy Council operates under a body of bylaws which dictate the goals, purposes, number of members, appointment procedures, officers, meeting format, committees, amendment procedures, and parliamentary authority.

The goals of the Knoxville-Knox County Food Policy Council are listed below:

  • Ensure that an adequate and nutritious food supply is available to all citizens.
  • Strengthen the economic vitality of the local food system.
  • Improve the quality of food available to all citizens.
  • Encourage citizens to accept and consume nutritious food.
  • Minimize food-related activities that degrade the natural environment; limit wasteful resources needed for future food production and distribution

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